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Kim is a knowledgeable professional who has provided realistic and supportive nutritional counseling. She realizes that food is an important part of our lives and develops strategies to help reach personal goals. She will work with you to empower you to make lifestyle choices that you will enjoy and will be beneficial to your health.
— Mary, Needham MA
I have been a patient of Kim’s for several years, and have built rapport and trust with her. She is awesome... a very special person in the way she cares for her patients and is very dedicated to help you on an individual basis...I have told my internist over and over to send patients to Kim!
— Client, Natick MA
I met with Kim after my doctor warned me about diabetes. I was shocked because I’m in good shape, I exercise a lot and I thought I was eating healthy, at least according to Internet fitness/nutrition communities. Kim revealed to me (in a kind and easy-to-understand way) that my eating habits were actually not that great. When I started changing my diet according to her recommendations, I was much happier. I was actually able to eat more of the food I enjoyed, and the more balanced diet that she recommended helped me to stabilize my mood and to feel more energized throughout my day. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to straighten out their health regimen.
— Client, Maynard MA

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