Philosophy and Mission

Are you confused about what to eat? It’s not you, it’s diet culture.

The nutrition field is constantly evolving, and the amount of nutrition messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis can be overwhelming. How do we know what is true, and how do we attempt to navigate through all of the information? Every diet promises to be the solution, yet research shows that over 95% of diets do not work long-term. They are often lacking scientific basis, are not sustainable, and can lead to more physical, mental, and emotional damage.

So, where does that leave us?

Greene Nutrition aims to provide evidence-based nutrition education, help you establish realistic goals that target your individual health needs, and bring joy back to food and the eating experience.


Learning to look within

Diet culture tends to promote a distrust in ourselves and our ability to choose the types and amounts of food that our bodies require. You know your body best! It's time to get back to basics: food should taste good and make you feel good. We often ignore our internal hunger and fullness signals, or even food preferences, in pursuit of following a restrictive meal plan or set of rules. This can eventually lead to over-eating and guilt, thus perpetuating the cycle of dieting. You will learn to break free from this all-or-nothing approach to eating, build trust in yourself, and honor your internal hunger and fullness cues.

The power of pleasure

The word that drives the philosophy of Greene Nutrition is balance. Many people are quick to assign labels to foods as being "good" or "bad", rather than looking at the big picture of eating patterns over time and our behaviors around food. All foods can fit into our life, and often we find that the more we enjoy our food and engage in a mindful eating experience, the less it takes to feel satisfied. Whether it’s shopping at a local farmers market, cooking with your family, or eating with friends, food brings people together in a way that is meant to be savored. You will create a healthier relationship with all foods by giving yourself permission to enjoy food without guilt (life's too short!) while progressing towards your health goals.

Progress, not perfection

We often view our body, in addition to food, as the enemy. We need to remember that our brain and body are on the same team. Change starts in the mind, and the first step is understanding what drives our food choices and eating habits with more curiousity and less judgment. We need to accept that this will be a complex journey, and everyone moves at their own pace and follows a different road. It is important to practice patience and be kind to yourself in the process. By doing so, you will cultivate greater self-compassion and a more positive relationship with your mind and body to help facilitate change.


Treating the whole self

Creating a healthier lifestyle does not stop at nutrition. The recipe for health includes four core ingredients: nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management. You will discover how these elements mix together in your life to affect your overall wellness and quality of life.